Finnegans Wake

In Finnegans Wake, James Joyce, confuses the formality of daily language mixing various idioms while creating a new language able to evoke sound images to speak directly to the subconscious. An ‘nonsense’ full of significance, the language of the night, of dreams, of the subconscious, described as music, akin the most profound antifascist book produced between two wars but also a marvelous game. He imagined the repeated cycle of the history of the world as a universal story. (from the introduction of ‘Finnegans Wake’ of Finn Fordham).

Performance for voice and cello

Elisa Ulian voice
Giovanni Maier cello

Performers play with sounds and words using them as instruments wich continously mutate passing from the sign to the significants leaving space for sound, for vibration, for words and for utterances, to then start again from the beginning.