Let’s discover voice!


A new way of learning and knowing, where every child is free to express themselves through the movement of the body, the voice and singing to free their creativity through educational games to


to discover the magic of singing together !

The voice and the body are the main instruments  of this work, through educational games the child will experience their voice and body on their own, in a group and in relation to the place that surrounds them which can be a room or out in nature. The aim is to discover a new way of learning where everyone guides themselves  to discover their creative and expressive possibilities and their spontaneous sharing with other children.

At school, the place of ‘culture’ which forges  society’s mould, the normal learning method  is the one where someone from outside tells you what to do following  a pre-established study’s plan of the State. In this context, free from registers and programmes, I’d like to teach children a new learning method. Discovering with them a new way where they will lead and those who accompany them will only give some hints and will act as a  mentor on what they will freely create together. We will work with creative music, voice, the body, where a simple deed such as, beating a drum, clapping hands or body, playing with the voice, singing, scrunching a piece of paper can magically become music.