MILADISE Filastrocche (Nursery rhymes and tongue twisters) came to light from our memory between traditions and improvisation. The attraction to sounds of foreign cultures awakened an enormous desire to throw light on our roots. We found our own family stories “filastrocche”, nursery rhymes and tongue twisters, handed down from previous generations. Miladise comes from this precious material combined with the experience of the Trio through free improvisation. We built our improvisations on the rhythm of the words, by initially creating original melodies and harmonies.

Vocinconsuete trio composes and arranges the songs live, according to place and audience. The disc was recorded in February in the Artesuono studio www.artesuono.it. The piece Miladise was selected for the album  Jazz in FVG vol. 3.

 Vocinconsuete trio, three female voices, have been working for years on experimental music and performance. The trio took part with its own projects in the Carniarmonie festival (ITA); Stazione di Topolò (ITA); I Suoni della Montagna (ITA); Auf-Tauch-Station (A); Lo Spazio Attorno (ITA); Echos (SLO). The trio has worked together with Denis Biason, Daniele D’Agaro, Giovanni Maier, Alan “Gunga” Purves, Luigi Vitale, Simone Serafini, Aki Takase. Vocinconsuete trio offers concerts and performances in Italy and abroad.